Commutators, Its what we do! since 1974
Servicing: Railway Aircraft Aerospace Minning Marine
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About ICC
At Industrial Commutator Company Ltd. we pride ourselves on exceeding industry standards in terms of quality, delivery time, flexibility, and customer satisfaction.

A world-leading manufacturer of quality engineered commutators and slip rings since 1974, specializing in traction and aircraft commutators, Industrial Commutator Company Ltd. is the 'One Stop Shop' for commutators, worldwide.

When it comes to commutators and slip rings, our employees are among the most
We take quality control very seriously. That's why we pay so much attention to detail and process. The quality of the process speaks directly to the quality of product and services, and we pride ourselves on delivering both.

We have processes in place designed to meet and exceed orders for the commutators and slip rings we manufacture. The goal is customer satisfaction, and we are committed, through detail and process, to achieving that by supplying a high-quality product with the
ICC subjects all of its products to rigorous and extensive testing that is higher than industry standards, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered, and that customers remain satisfied with the high level of service and quality.

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