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Statistical Processing Techniques
Process flow Diagram/  Control Plans/ PFMEA
Incoming Inspection
Non Conforming Product
Internal Auditing
Copper Rolling Mill
Customer Issues/ Concerns

We take quality control very seriously. That's why we pay so much attention to detail and process. The quality of the process speaks directly to the quality of product and services, and we pride ourselves on delivering both.

We have processes in place designed to meet and exceed orders for the commutators and slip rings we manufacture. The goal is customer satisfaction, and we are committed, through detail and process, to achieving that by supplying a high-quality product with the shortest lead time in the industry, and very competitive pricing.

Statistical Processing Techniques

The implementation of SPC at critical processing areas ensures quality control and customer satisfaction, as well the ability to anticipate customer needs and industry developments. We have:

  • The ability to see trends happening
  • Are able to maintain required specifications
  • Can react immediately to out-of-control processes
  • Operators who are able to make adjustments on the fly

Process flow Diagram/ Control Plans/ PFMEA

Process Flow Diagram demonstrates the flow of material and product from the time it arrives to the time it is shipped to the customer Process is vital to the providing quality products and customer satisfaction. Just as important is attention to the detail of the process. Nothing is left to chance.

Our Process Flow Diagram is a key part of the overall our quality control and customer satisfaction protocol. It demonstrates the flow of material and product from the time it arrives to the time it is shipped to the customer.

Control Plans ensure that processes and controls are in place during processing, another detail in the overall process of ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction.

Our Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis identify the potential issues and how they are addressed, again, with an eye to customer satisfaction and quality control. The Numerical Rating System will show potential issues that can occur during manufacturing. This is described as RPN (Risk Priority Number). The number is based on the level of severity, occurrence and detection.

Incoming Inspection

We use only approved suppliers who are continuously audited and monitored to ensure they meet our customers' strict requirements.

Non Conforming Product

Process details include the segregating and recording on serial numbered tags of all non-conforming material/product. A Material Review Board investigates and handles all non-conforming material. Cost of Quality is generated from NCR, and the CEO reviews Cost of Quality on a monthly basis.

Internal Auditing

We maintain an internal audit schedule, with audits being conducted yearly by certified auditors. Corrective actions are issued for non-conforming areas, and the CEO reviews all findings. Areas found to be in non-conformance are increased in the schedule of internal audits performed for the year.

Copper Rolling Mill

The goals of quality control and customer satisfaction are enhanced by our stock of in-house rolled copper, which allows us to ensure the quality of the copper going into every commutator.

This provides us with the flexibility to schedule each copper profile, as it is needed, ensuring that we can provide short lead times for aeronautical commutators, reducing the impact on a customer's bottom line.

Customer Issues/ Concerns

A responsive customer-response protocol is key to quality control and customer satisfaction. At ICCL all customer issues and concerns are addressed through an internal service call. Investigation commences within 24 hours of receiving notification, with pictures of issue, and a formalized 8D report is submitted to the customer once the investigation concluded. We use Fishbone and 5 WHYS as investigative tools.

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