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ICCL conforms to a number of regulations in support of various industries. It is our duty to our clients to be transparent in our standards and current in our manufacturing.

We have provided a number of links to sites for our customers to view as we conform and exceed these standard in day-to-day operations, testing, and quality engineering. Staying current with market trends and increased market demands is yet another reason to choose ICCL for all your commutator and slip ring requirements.

Aerospace Commutator Customers
Ametek Home Page
About Ametek
Ametek Advance Industries
Ametek Advanced Industries facility
Ametek Advanced Industries Products
Ametek Advanced Industries DC Motors
Ametek Advanced Industries Contacts

Skurka Aerospace

Skurka Home
Skurka Overview
Skurka DC Motors
Skurka Fans & Blowers
Skurka Customers
Skurka Suppler Assurance Requirements

Avwind International Aviation Rewind & Support

Avwind Home
Avwind Capabilities
Avwind Support
Avwind Approvals
Avwind Contact
Industry Canada Home Page

Transport Canada

General Aviation
Civil Aviation
Regulations (CAR's)
Air Transportation
Canadian Aviation Regulations


SIRA Certification
Lab Testing
Calibration Services
Pre-Compliance Testing

EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association)

Ontario Chapter
EASA home
EASA Western Canada
EASA Québec / Maritimes

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

FAA Home
About FAA
FAA News
FAA Aircraft
FAA Data Research
FAA Regulations and Policies

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

ISO Home
ISO Standards
ISO Publications
ISO Concepts
ISO Standards Development

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